Diary of a Saddler.

Aktualisiert: 22. Juli 2020

So you think this is a dream job ? Lose the customers, keep the horses and you´d be right !

I´m going to add to this blog whenever the occasion arises, possibly on a daily basis, such is the life !

So we sold a saddle to this lady a while back, all quiet , all good. Today we get this crazy phone call, please come immediately, Ive got a pimple on my backside caused by your saddle.............................speechless! :)

So that´s an average day in the life of a saddler.

So life carries on after Corona in 2020, as we got back to work after a well deserved 6 week lockdown :), things started off extremely well , but now it´s the middle of summer and they´ve all gone crazy!

The termin this morning had been standing for 6 weeks already for 3 people. I go to the box where I sold the saddle and the girls there say, no he´s not here yet. The second girl has gone on holiday, the third person has a bunch of kids for Reiterferien. After 20 minutes I pack up and go, it´s a matter of respect ! Back in the office we get a phone call saying I drove off without waiting (20 minutes after our appointed time) , so the office says, "but you weren´t there",.."but I was", comes the reply. "well I suppose that´s that then and he puts the phone down on us. Pity because he had just bought a new saddle from and now has to find a new saddler.

Another one for the black list then ! :-) Respect, responsibility and reliability non-existent. Or just plain fucking stupid!!

Then we have the reduction of our sales tax from 19% to 16% and they´re all expecting us to do the same as Aldi and Mediamarket and bring our prices down.

But wait, this is to ease the burden of Corona on the retailer, not the customer.

They still got paid in March and April of this year, but we earned nothing for 6 weeks !!

So yeah, it´s to help us, meaning us retailers, to get back on our feet.

Yet of course we get those phoning to ask why we haven´t become cheaper.

And looking at one of these particular people, she says, "but you should give us that 3% discount, you´re not very customer friendly". In her case the 3% came to €66,00. So I said wait, let me see what you have got from us as part of our customer service.

-the first termin , travel and time for free.

-delivery of the saddle time and travel , free

-another saddle check on another horse free.

-a signed contract , yet €200 less in the invoice.etc etc.

Not happy with our answer, she now finds that the saddle doesn´t fit any more. Slips forward 10 cm :) !!

So more time and travel spent on this idiot, but actually I think the easiest is to take the saddle back, because such people will always find things to bitch about !! Black list !!:)

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